Install Electron tutorial app

How do you install and run the Electron tutorial app?. This is a quick guide to get it running.

1. Install Node.JS and Electron

First you need to install Node.JS if you haven’t done that already.

Then run the following command to install electron globally.

npm install -g electron

2. Clone or download the repo from Github.

Clone the Github repo by running this command:

git clone

Or download the repo and extract the archive.

After cloning or downloading and extracting the application run:

cd electron-tutorial-app/

3. Install dependencies

Now we need to install dependencies, such as the electron winstaller or the packager. Do this by running:

npm install

4. Run Electron tutorial app

When the npm install is done you need to start the app by running:

electron .

This will start an application looking like this on Linux Mint, but it will work on Windows and macOS as well:

Electron tutorial app on Linux mint
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